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Most of us are taught at a young age that regular dental cleanings are an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, but as we grow into adults, we often begin to neglect these crucial cleanings. As we age, these appointments become increasingly important to our oral health and should not be forgotten to prevent cavities and gum disease. 

What happens at a cleaning 

The main goal of regular dental cleanings is to rid the teeth of the plaque and tartar build-up that sticks to teeth and gums. This helps combat any signs of gum disease that can occur when the build-up is not removed. Cleanings also ensure that patients have the confidence of a bright, shining smile and healthy gums. 

At the beginning of the dental appointment, the hygienist will provide patients with an apron and help ensure that they are comfortable in their chair. After their apron is in place and they are comfortable, the hygienist will begin removing the tartar from the patient's teeth and gums. They hygienist will use various tools and will be sure to rinse the patient's mouth as they work to scrape their teeth clean of build-up. After the tartar is removed, the teeth will be polished and flossed, and a fluoride treatment will be applied. This treatment helps prevent cavities until the next cleaning. 

Once the hygienist has thoroughly cleaned the patient's teeth, the dentist, will come into the examination room and examine their mouth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, and oral cancer. During this time, they will discuss red flags they see and provide at-home solutions such as brushing with lighter pressure, reminding the patient to floss, or making other recommendations. The dentist will also take the time to answer any questions about oral health and ensure that the patient feels comfortable moving forward. 

Who needs regular cleanings?

The most simplified way to answer who should get regular cleanings is everyone! Everyone can benefit from regular cleaning because our mouths accumulate bacteria over time. A dentist will remove plaque and tartar build-up from the patient's teeth during routine cleaning. When plaque or tartar builds up on the surface of the teeth, it causes acid erosion, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. By keeping these things at bay with regular cleanings, patients will avoid costly repairs down the line. 

Many people do not realize that to keep their teeth healthy; they need to have regular cleanings. People risk developing tooth decay and gum disease if they wait too long between cleanings. These conditions can be painful and expensive to treat, so patients should schedule their next cleaning as soon as possible. 

Benefits of regular cleanings

In addition to ensuring that any oral health issues are detected early, regular cleanings also provide the following benefits: 

Bright, white smile: Regular cleanings ensure that the patient's smile is bright and confident. The scrub and polish the hygienist uses will help remove calculus from the teeth, brightening and whitening the patient's smile. Regular cleanings help avoid costly teeth whitening procedures that patients may want if their smile becomes yellow or dull. 

Preventing tooth loss: Plague and tartar can lead to tooth loss if left unchecked. This is preventable when checked and cleaned regularly. 

Identifying other health issues: Additional health issues can be identified based on the condition of teeth and gum,s such as GERD (acid reflux) and diabetes. 

Affordable appointments: Regular cleanings are typically partially or fully covered by insurance plans and helps people avoid costly procedures in the future. 

Although life can be busy, and regular dental cleanings often get neglected, they are an important part of everyone's healthcare plan. Attending these appointments ensures dentists catch any signs of oral disease as soon as possible. 

The value of dental cleanings 

Keeping patient's teeth and gums in good condition is important for overall health. Daily dental care can help patients avoid gum disease and cavities, but it is also worth planning regular checkups with a dentist. Scheduling regular cleanings help keep oral health problems from developing and reduces dental treatment costs. Ultimately, it's better to schedule routine care rather than wait for an emergency to come up. 

It is easy to fit in regular dental checkups when remembering that it is essential to overall health and well-being. To reduce tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health problems before they develop, visit a dentist regularly and maintain healthy habits at home between visits.

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